Repairing STL Files for Printing

This is a sequence of clicks that will repair your STL files in NetFabb, and have them ready to load into Repetier for printing.

New to STL file repair? You've made your drawing and now there's a problem with loading it?

This is a sequence of clicks that I use on all of my drawings WEATHER THEY NEED IT OR NOT. Some drawings, after clicking Detect, the drawings would show errors even if repair wasn't needed. After repairing them in this way, I've never had a drawing not load into Repetier. Hopefully you have the same experience.

Bring up NetFabb and Project --> Open.

Open file box comes up and find your STL file.  



How to make an STL file.



1. Detect        

 (Checking for self-intersections bar comes up for a second)

2. Stitch triangles

3. OK              

(Stitch triangles box)

4. Fix flipped triangles

5. Remove double triangles

6. Remove degenerate faces

7. OK          

(Remove degenerate faces box)

Go back up and repeat clicks 1 through 7 again.

I've had files not load from only running 1 through 7 once, always works after a second time. 

Now to wrap it up, 

Automatic repair


(Automatic repair box)          

                          (leave selected on Default repair)

Apply repair

Remove old part        

 (Apply repair box)

Exporting the repaired STL is like saving it.

Go up to Part -->

  Export part -->

    as STL(ASCII)

To keep folders less complicated, click on your original file and replace it with this one.


 (Confirmed Save As box)

Usually your finished now, a complete repaired STL file is saved.

Sometimes if your file was in bad shape, an Export box will appear. Only two more clicks to go then.


(Export box)


(same Export box)

There it is, a complete repaired STL file ready to  print.

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