Two color printing with, Camera On Board safety sign

The setup for this demonstration is a Printbot Simple running on Repetier Host. After downloading sign, run the printer normally like any other print.

This print is 4" square, so it will fit on any printer.

Download your free safety from 

On the begging of the 9th layer, see step one.

This particular print switches colors on layer 9 out of 11 layers. The red arrow above indicates what layer the print is on.

Step one, click the pause button.

  • See red circled tabs.

Step two, Raise your Z axis.

  • I raise the extruder 10 increments for ease of performing step three.

Step three, clip excess filament  that's stuck to print.

  • When I first did this I felt rushed, there's no reason to hurry to continue the print.

Step four, swap out the last color with the new one.

  • Squeeze the head fixture(not holding the fan).

Step five, Continue printing

  • When continued is clicked, the extruder will lower to the same point raised from and begin printing again.

Finished safety sign

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