Component Build-Up

Welcome to the component build-up page. This is were you assemble all your electronics onto piece 3. 

  • The fuzzy side of the velcro pieces is used on piece 3



  • Cut four small tabs of velcro and two strips.



  • Top view with velcro placed.




  • Side view, velcro sits just ledge to hold an ESC.



  • Bottom view, velcro holds rear ESC.




  • The KK2 board comes within a black foam box.
  • Cut off all the walls and stick hook side of velcro to line up with velcro on piece 3.
  • Place KK2 board over foam and poke or drill holes through foam.
  • Fasten down LIGHTLY, try not to warp the board.
  • Cut four hook side velcro pieces for your ESCs and receiver.


  • Receiver on top and rear ECS underneath.

Top View

Bottom View

  • Velcro right and left ESCs to the sides.

Side View

  • Plugin five servo extension wires. 
  • Make sure the orange or white wires are "in" or "up" on components.









  • Left ESC is the first motor controller and goes to M1 of KK2 controller.



  • Right ESC is the second controller and goes to M2..
  • The ESC under the receiver in the receiver is the third to M3.




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