Dual Spool Mount

In this video you can see having the carbon fiber spools resting behind the printer.  The angle of the filament, can wear on the aluminum head. So, this is an easy way to mount spools  straight over the printer head.




  • One 1 1/4" bolt with two washers and nut from bolt kit.


  • Two 1" bolts with two washers each and nuts from kit.











5) Pin Mount A

6) Pin Mount B



  • Two Number 10 pieces, clasped around wood at the top..


  • Place 1 1/4" bolt, washers and nut between pieces 5 and 6, tighten down.


10) Motor Mounts



  • 1/4" dowls through the bottom two holes of pieces 10.




  • Cut two 1/4" dowls to one foot long. Slip them through pieces 10, and centered.


  • Now bolts can be tightened.
  • Two more number 10 pieces to slide along dowls(adjustable).


  • Two number 9 end caps.


9) Foot

10) Motor Mounts


Hang one or two spools

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