V3 HeliPlane

This project is a Mind Assist HeliPlane. 


  • Magnetic Servo Split Couplers.
    • Saves the gearing within the servos.
  • The ability to print extra pieces and easily swap out any broken ones.
  • Experimenting with the NeuroSky MindWave EEG reader.
  • A platform for developing a Racing RC HeliPlane



    Step by step detailed build instructions below. 

All pieces are always free to download and print out. 




Download Arduino environment here

Download Arduino environment here

Arduino HeliPlane code



 Click on the wire harness schematic below to use with step four.




HeliPlane setup-
The Arduino board on Heliplane serves multiple functions. Transition signal from receiver through Arduino will rotate the rotors from 0 to 90 degrees. Mixing the two front motor signals from the heli board with the transition signal on the two front servos. This will cause the to front servos to vector for steering,(there are no control surfaces on plane).



After step 6 is complete, start on the transmitter. When it's finished, you can tune the electronics in the heliplane.

 Last update:

Transmitter Build is now complete, 3/10/2016

Step 5 video update, 3/27/2016

Step 6 uploaded, 3/28/2016

Changed the website name from HeliPlaneX to dragonflyRC, 8/28/2016

  • I've been working hard on Version 4 (V4) pieces for the last few months. These V4 pieces will be the last new version to be released. Any new release, example V4.1, will always fit with original V4 pieces. V4, V3 and V2 pieces are not compatible. All previous versions will eventually have new V4 build videos. V4 pieces will be released mid to end of September 2016.


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