Rear Canopy Mount

Complete Nose Mount first, have Body(1) assembled and zip tied with First Layer(2).

For the Rear Mount have a second wire with pliers ready.

Start with a 90 degree bend in center of wire.

Place wire in side groove so you can see the next bend.

Bottom view.

Press both ends across one another, can be done without pliers.

Bend back out the width of the pliers.

Zip tie at the bend to secure for other bends.

To get an idea of how to make the next bends, prefix the canopy.

Half way up the length wire to canopy grommets, make a forward bend.

Prefix the canopy again and make the last two bends for grommets.

Dremel cutting wheel.

Side view after using a cutting wheel on the wire.

Strip of hook side velcro in the nose, and fit canopy.

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