Right Shift Arm Build

The build for the right servo shift arm.

Step 1

  • Cut 4"(100mm) off of the 340mm square tube.
    • Left over 240mm tube is used in step 8.
  • Take note of the Power wire ends, Female pins are on servo side of tube.


16. Front Universal A

Step 3

  • Fit piece 16 flush to the end of square tube, and place servo as shown.

5. Pin Mount A

6. Pin Mount B

12. Tail Pin Right

Step 4

  • Assemble 5,6 and 12.


10. Motor Mount

Step 5

  • The horn of 12 is facing up.
  • Bolt motor with washers on the nut side.
  • Washer is on the head side of the bolt this time. Place through piece 5 and 6.
  • Wrap power and servo wires through center hole of piece 16.

Step 8

  • Connect 18" servo extention wire and 300mm power wires together.
  • Slip 240mm square aluminum tube over wires and seat into piece 16.

Step 9

  • Washers on head side of bolt, place bolts down through piece 17.
  • See step 11 for position of bolts.

Step 10

  • Have a zip tie include wrapped around wire.
  • Use two zip ties through pieces 5 and 6.
  • Three zip ties through 16 and 17.

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