Shift Tri Copter Tail Build

Step 1

  • Plug together the two sets of power extension wires.
  • 18" servo extension wire is plugged on to tail servo and body servo.
  • Place male ends of power wires with servo extension plugs and pull through tail bar.

Step 3

  • Trim one side of servo horn thats included with servo.
  • Find the center of servo shaft rotation.
  • Use original screw and place through piece 14 and servo horn into servo.
    • Have magnet part of piece 14 aligned with body of servo.

14. Servo Shoe


Step 4

  • The ball joint threads into the hole above numbering.
  • After joint is threaded down, place nut on back and tighten.

21. Top Tail Hinge


Step 5

  • Clamp two number 20 pieces around aft end of the tail bar.
  • Cut mount bar to 80mm.

20. Lower Tail Hindge X2

21. Top Tail Hinge

Step 6

Magnet X2

  • Clamp the two 21 pieces around mount bar while hinge in to piece 20.
  • Press a cylinder magnet into pieces 13 and 14 with perspective to the attraction.

5. Pin Mount A

6 Pin Mount B

13. Tail Pin Coupler

14. Servo Shoe

Step 7

  • Pieces 5 and 6 clasped around piece 13, and mount bar.

4. Servo Mount X2

Step 8

  • Mount servo with two number 4's.
    • The extra 1/8" inch of the dowl from piece 13 should rest in the pivot point of piece 14.

Step 9

  • Two 1 1/4" bolt sets(GPMQ3545) through the pieces 21.
  • One through Piece 5 and 6, snug so piece 13 can be moved easily by servo.
  • Cut 1/4" wooden dowl a 1" or 25mm long.
  • Two more bolt sets placed through piece 23 and both 20's.


  • The heads of the servo zip ties, should be facing other side of assemble from linkage in piece 21.



15. Body Servo

  • Use the mounting harware included with servo for mounting onto piece 15.
  • A zip tie through piece 15 and around servo.

Step 13

  • Mount motor with a 1" bolt set(Dubro 178).
    • Wires of motor are facing away from assembly.


  • Clip the excess zip tie and tail assembly is finished.


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