SMC Build Up

Step 1

  • Cut wooden dowl  about an 1/8" longer than the length of piece 13.

13. Tail Pin Coupler

  • Mix up 5min epoxy and put a thin coat on dowl as it is slide in from the magnet side of piece.


Step 3

  • Try not to have any epoxy on dowl End.

Step 4

  • Press 1/2" cylinder magnet in to piece 13.

5. Pin Mount A

6. Pin Mount B

13. Tail Pin Coupler

Magnet X2

Step 5

  • Clasp pieces 5 and 6 around 13 and tail bar.


  • Trim half of the servo horn so there's only one leg to it.
  • Press 1/2" cylinder magnet in to Servo Shoe taking note the attraction side.
  • The screw and horn with this coupler are included with servo.


  • Mount servo with two piece 4's, and zip ties.

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